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Himalayan Water Projects

Our ongoing mission is to serve as a teaching lab and contribute to curricular innovation. Now, in partnership with NYU Abu Dhabi’s Global Education Program, we are offering three new J-Term (January Term) classes that address challenges facing the Himalayan region. Sophia Kalantzakos (NYU/NYUAD), Dan Lewis (The Huntington), and Kunda Dixit (Editor of the Nepali Times) will lead students on a deep dive into three crucial themes: climate change and geopolitics, birds and wildlife, and the media's interpretation of the Himalayan climate crisis.


In December 2022 and 2023, students headed to rural Nepal to collect data on gut health. They engaged in awareness building, data collection and anthropological research. 


Visualizing the Crisis is our visual storytelling series to amplify voices from the Himalayas across the global community. 


The climate crisis and geopolitics have made the world’s highest mountain range an ecological and strategic hotspot. Welcome to our series that dives into "Why the Himalayas Matter?"

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The Geopolitics and Ecology of Himalayan Water webinars series provides a space for discussion about the melting mountains. Each webinar places their focus on different themes and fields as they bring together leaders and change makers to share about their insights towards the water crisis. 

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The Geopolitics and Ecology of Himalayan Water podcast channel shares conversations with experts in various fields, such as the climate, geography, wildlife, and politics, to address multiple facets of the complex Himalayan crisis.

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Featuring scholars, practitioners and policy makers from across the globe along with 297 participants from 39 countries, the inaugural conference brought together the expertise of experts that highlighted the need to elicit a synthetic and holistic approach to studying and proposing solutions to this looming crisis.


Amplifying the importance of climate resilience, regional cooperation and varied perspectives on the challenges and solutions to the Himalayan Water Crisis, the features section presents a series of multimedia articles authored by academics, professionals, students and the members of the local community.

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