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Geopolitics and Ecology of Himalayan Water
Ilona Szekeres

Geopolitics and Ecology of Himalayan Water

About Us

The Geopolitics and Ecology of Himalayan Water is a new project of the eARThumanities at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) in collaboration with the Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich. As the climate crisis worsens, a vast swath of Asian countries for which the Himalayan water supply constitutes the most important lifeline, are faced with mounting insecurity. The scramble for uninterrupted access to ample fresh-water supplies is increasingly triggering a geopolitical dispute among the continent’s strongest powers, eroding interstate cooperation. This initiative also aspires to become a teaching lab for making interdisciplinary connections and drawing parallels across a wide range of human-environment problems. Areas of research will cover history, science, engineering, data, geopolitics, anthropology, food security, film, policy design, writing, etc. and advance the agenda of interdisciplinary research and collaboration across the divisions at NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), NYU’s Global Network University (GNU), the Rachel Carson Center and other important international institutions.


Following the previous webinar that explored the ideation and creation of the J-term cluster. This is a second, student-focused webinar being held after the completion of the course, to debrief and reflect on the intensity of the shared experience and the impact of J-term’s immersive pedagogy on our understanding of global challenges.



This webinar Panelists takes on the challenge of deliberating on frameworks for food security by discussing the state of global food security; China’s and India’s domestic food security policies.


This winter two January Term (J Term) classes explored the #environmental, #geopolitical, and #cultural implications of #ClimateChange through #ExperientialLearning in Nepal.

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"As temperatures rise, the Himalayas are experiencing accelerated glacial melt, with dire consequences for water supplies and ecosystems far and wide. Unfortunately, the current reshuffling of the world order could overlook one of the most critical threats to global stability." Kunda Dixit and Sophia Kalantzakos on Project Syndicate.

A Livable Planet: Empowering Sustainable Solutions

The Himalayan region needs a water secure future so faculty and researchers at Geopolitics and Ecology of Himalayan Water are collaborating with scholars and experts in the region to create educational resources and enable future generations to do just that.

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